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Matt Eggleston

How to Start with a Pricing Model: A DeveloperTown Case Study

Since the tech bubble burst, just after the turn of the millenium, the practicality of website’s reaching their hypothesized valuations has been a matter of intense debate in the business press. These debates have once again been renewed recently with markets at all time highs and a recent string of tech IPO’s. Now more than […]

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Megha Patel

A 5 Step Process to Effectively Engage Your Customers Online

Last week, we discussed how incorporating a great customer engagement strategy into your startup could help you scale more effectively and efficiently. Today, as promised, we want to provide a 5-step process that you can implement today to improve customer engagement with your digital customers. Let’s see how we can help you tame that CE chaos […]

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Tim Hickle

Bloomington Funny Man Makes an Offer No Tech Geek Can Refuse

We’ve already talked at length about how excited we are for this year’s Combine in Bloomington. It’s going to be a great event filled with great people, but I must admit… As is wont to happen with me, I was a little over eager. I was so excited for this year’s Combine that I went down […]

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Tim Hickle

TinderBox Raises $3M in Venture Funding, But Kristian Andersen Can Never Make Us Forget His Mohawk

As you may have heard, Indianapolis startup and former Speakeasy regular, TinderBox recently raised $3M in venture funding. The last year has been big for TinderBox. In addition to this investment, they’ve expanded and moved downtown to join Indy’s Marketing Tech Crescent.  This is also exciting news for Verge. We love seeing entrepreneurs succeed, but especially those […]

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Tim Flint

How Pattern, like Apple, Harley, and Makerbot, Built Community To Foster Growth (And You Can Too)

“Get people in the same room once a month and get them talking to one another. So that’s what we started doing.“ – Polina Osherov Pattern, the Indianapolis based fashion community and international fashion magazine, started from the failure of the Indianapolis Fashion Collective. The Fashion Collective began with a lot of lofty goals, but […]

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gusto email file searchTim Hickle

Fresh Off Release, Gmail’s Hot Cousin Hits The App Store

None of us are perfect, and I am no exception. I have a tragic flaw. Othello had jealousy, Hamlet had inaction, Tim Hickle has disorganization. The only way I’m able to survive my day-to-day is search functionality. Whether it’s my own personal files or my email, I couldn’t survive by folders alone. That’s why I […]

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CEMegha Patel

Why Worry About Customer Engagement Today? How Delaying CE Could Stunt Your Growth

Customer Engagement. We keep talking about it, but why should startups listen? If I were operating a global brand, it would make sense, but I’m CEO, CTO, CIO, and CFO. I don’t really have time to be Chief Engagement Officer, too. Without effective customer engagement, however, you could be stunting your startup’s growth, and there’s no […]

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combine-bloomingtonTim Hickle

Sproutbox Founder Brings All-Star Tech Speakers to Bloomington

A lot of tech heads here in Central Indiana may lament the fact that they’re so far removed from places like Austin and San Francisco when we hit conference season. Thanks to Sproutbox Founder, Mike Trotzke, however, you can get your tech conference fix right here in beautiful Bloomington, Indiana.  Last week, Katie Birge gave […]

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santiago-fireside-bluebridge-digitalTim Hickle

Scaling More Efficiently Through the Power of Niches: A BlueBridge Digital Case Study

Mobile app development isn’t a trend anymore, it’s a necessity for many businesses at some level. But what do you do as a company if your target market isn’t enterprise-level customers. If you don’t have large institutions busting down your door for a six figure custom build, how can you build and scale a successful […]

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How to Make Your Startup’s Remote Meetings More Productive

The Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) is an invite-only organization comprised of the world’s most promising young entrepreneurs. In partnership with Citi, YEC recently launched StartupCollective, a free virtual mentorship program that helps millions of entrepreneurs start and grow businesses. What is one way you ensure that remote meetings are effective and engaging? 1. Hold High Expectations As a completely virtual company […]

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