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BizDecisionMakingThe YEC

Where 11 Leaders Turn to Boost Business Decision Making Prowess

We make hundreds of little decisions every day. Wear the black shoes, not the brown ones. Salad for lunch. Turn left. We don’t often doubt our own judgment in these situations. There isn’t much at stake, after all. But when we run up against big business decisions that come with serious implications, something changes. We become […]

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Matt Hunckler

7 Lasting Sales Skills from 7 Leaders

I dragged my butt out of bed at 5 AM. For six years. But I learned more from my childhood paper route than rubber-band-wrapping technique or how to avoid hitting the snooze button. I don’t care if you were mowing lawns or washing potatoes, your first gig took you from zero to moving. And I […]

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Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 10.14.29 AMAlec Synnestvedt

How to Use Open Book Management to Drive Bottom-up Success

 A company performs best when its people see themselves as partners in the business rather than as hired hands. -John Case, Inc. Magazine “Why is it that when private companies share their business data, everyone freaks out?” Scott Hill, Co-founder and CEO of PERQ, said as we examined the performance metrics plastered on a wall next to […]

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efamily logoAlec Synnestvedt

Founder Story: eFamily’s David Hosei on Acquiring Private Social Network Origami

When a new Y Combinator-backed private social network is interested acquiring the startup you’ve been bootstrapping for years, your ears tend to perk up. But what happens when you flip the script and end up buying that company instead? You have a very good day. One family-focused startup,, is looking to break the social […]

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AdviceThe YEC

13 Entrepreneurs Share Their Mentor’s Best Advice

It’s like building a bridge as you barrel across while blindfolded. But at least you’ve found some bridge designers to show you what to do (and almost as importantly, what not to do). You can find startup mentor advice is all over the internet. However, the best guidance are the field-tested, entrepreneur-approved strategies from the […]

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Build Stronger TeamsTony Monteleone

How to Build a Stronger Team

How many times over the last 12 months have you heard how important a strong team is? Startups hear it all the time. Some investors even call the team the most important piece to their investment. Yes, even over the idea! This idea of building a strong team should be a focus for all types […]

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3 Can’t-Miss Ted Talk TakeawaysAlec Synnestvedt

3 Can’t-Miss TED Talk Takeaways You Can Apply Today

As I click my fourth YouTube link in the past hour, I realize I’m here again. With over 2,300 recorded videos of engaging performers, it’s easy to go down the rabbit hole of discovering new TED talk takeaways. And if you haven’t caught the TED bug yet, you soon will. The lessons to be learned […]

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Alec Synnestvedt

The Art of the Ask

            Everyone knows that one person that has the “it” factor. They hustle, they convince, and they close. And whether they’re raising a round for their startup or making a sale, perfecting the art of the ask is the closer’s surest path to success. So, what do we know about the […]

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Tim Hickle

What Two Inc. 500 Entrepreneurs Learned About the Power of Scale

A year ago, the office looked like something out of an entrepreneur’s fever dream. Scott Hill and Andy Medley had successfully built two fast-growth companies and had a third gaining a lot of recognition in the Indiana startup community. All three of these companies were housed under a holding company, CIK Enterprises. By any definition, […]

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Matt Hunckler

Why Every Founder Should Give a TED Talk (and How to Optimize the Opportunity)

30 minutes. That’s 7 hours and 30 minutes short of the recommended 8 hours, and it’s exactly how much sleep I got the night before my TEDtalk. But, believe me, it was worth it. To get only a half hour of sleep is not glorious (or smart, as a long-term strategy). However, all-nighter mode is […]

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