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matchboxTim Hickle

Three Essential Items Every Startup Needs to Value

If you’re in the loop with the Verge Startup family, you’ve probably gotten to know our buddy, Chris Palmer, pretty well. In addition to pitching on the Verge Indy stage and his presence at the Innovation Showcase, Chris won the Startup Chile pitch competition and was just named Techpoint’s “2014 Rising Star.” Between Foxio and […]

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seed-funding-mistakesMatt Hunckler

What’s the Biggest Mistake Entrepreneurs Make When Pitching for Seed Funding?

Seed funding isn’t easy to come by, especially when most founders handicap themselves from the get-go. Despite the wealth of knowledge online and platforms like Angel List and Gust, I hear that founders still make the same mistakes over and over. So, I asked several experienced investors from around the United States: What are the biggest mistakes founders […]

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Business Man Giving Folder To TeammateJenny Vance

How to Scale Sales Without Adding Headcount

Start-up companies often face a classic catch-22: they need to invest in a sales team to generate revenue but lack the funds for hiring more reps. What most companies fail to realize is that they already have the right staff; it’s their processes that are dragging them down. Let me give you an example. While […]

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Dean Towe

6 Tips for Fine Tuning Your Startup Pitch

Launching a small business isn’t easy. Whether you dream of one local shop or a global corporate empire, you’re going to need help financing your business efforts. Now, this could mean friends and family, and it could mean venture capitalists and angel investors. Regardless, the only way to seal the deal is with a great pitch. […]

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Tim Flint

How to Win at Google’s Game

“Play their game. You need to embrace that they have a business model. Embrace it and the rules are there. Play the game.” – Ryan Mull, Partner and Director at Imavex In the game of business, the premise is simple: make more money than you spend. When you take your business online, the game gets […]

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Forest Good

5 Tips For Learning to Code

Like learning any new domain (be it music or a foreign language), there is a tremendous learning curve to programming.  At first, it seems like a massive mountain to climb, but the most important thing is to keep learning and not to give up when you feel discouraged.  Here are a five tips for anyone […]

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Matt Hunckler

How To Re-Invest In Midwest Startups

Indiana and the surrounding Midwest has an exciting history of software entrepreneurship. Large sales of companies like Software Artistry and Baker Hill in Indianapolis, and Resite in Bloomington, started a movement that has snowballed into a powerful Midwest startup community. In this interview from the The Innovation Showcase, entrepreneurs and business leaders from around the […]

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Chuck Switzer

Can Indiana’s New Crowdfunding Law Help Your Business?

As of July 1, Hoosier entrepreneurs seeking to raise capital (join the club, right) now have a new tool: crowdfunding.  Indiana’s new crowdfunding law sailed quickly and almost unopposed through the General Assembly—140 yeas to 1 nay.  Despite any instinctual suspicion some may have of a law that both parties agree on, this legislation may […]

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Tim Hickle

WATCH: Verge Organizer Jordan Updike Discusses Indiana’s Growth on IIB

Last week, Verge organizer and all around stud Jordan Updike made a visit to Inside Indiana Business to chat with Gerry Dick and Ike Willett about the growth of Indiana’s tech sector and the new capital the Circle City is seeing because of it. “The beautiful thing is we’re starting to get a reputation as an area […]

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Tim Flint

How to Tell When Your Lead is Just Not that Into You

“So one trigger to understand is this person worth my time? Are they sharing information or am I giving it all?” –Aaron Prickel, Vice-president/Owner at Lushin It’s happened to all of us. You pitched a deal to a prospective customer and they seemed so excited about the project. “Yes, Mr. Jones. I just need to […]

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