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Software is CakeMiles Sterrett

Looking to Learn How To Build Software? It’s Cake

Building Software is Like Baking a Cake Building software is a bit like baking a fancy cake from scratch, for the first time, without a recipe. Unless you’re an experienced baker, you will not feel confident that you can bake and decorate a multi-tiered cake for an expensive wedding between a couple of impeccable taste. […]

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Kasie Sturm

The Music Marketing and Technology Festival that isn’t for Jerks

If you’re familiar with the Indiana technology and marketing crowd,  you may already know Douglas Karr. He’s worked for over a decade in  Indianapolis to drive innovation and growth through the doors of some of Indy’s most exciting startups. For those who haven’t met Doug, well, he’s outspoken. And his voice carries. He’s been called […]

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Max Yoder

Verge Reviews; Responds

Earlier this week, Tim Hickle of Verge reviewed The post was very kind, but there were some critiques that Tim had on the product that we wanted to talk about, so we sat down and crafted The Official Rebuttal to Verge’s review. Thanks again for the write-up, Tim. Here’s our response:

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PocketDrone2Alec Synnestvedt

How Passion and Prototyping Led to The Pocket Drone

Kickstarter smash hits like the Pebble Watch or Oculus Rift rise above the 59,000 other funded projects on the platform because they carry a certain polish, a “finished” feel, that backers love to buy into. The Pocket Drone was one of those blockbuster projects. The team behind The Pocket Drone, AirDroids, raised $929,212 on a […]

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Tim Hickle

Meet the Indianapolis Startup Striving to Teach Corporate America a Lesson: Verge Reviews

  If you’ve been following Indianapolis startups in the past year, you’ve probably heard about the corporate-educational tool, Founded by the goofball on the left, Max Yoder, has made some big moves recently. They’ve started expanding to the tune of one new client per week and have relocated to a plush downtown office […]

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Eliot Sun

How Can You Avoid a Bad Hire? Shun Credential Collectors

There were 3 major signs that I had made a bad business hire. If you see any hints of these red flags, think hard about  making an immediate personnel change. So, looks like you have two engineering degrees and an MBA? That’s cool. Guess what? I don’t care. Anymore that is. A resume is full […]

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Tim Hickle

The NOOB’s Guide to Tech Communities: Contributing as a Non-Techie

You know it, I know it, we all know it. Tech is sexy. Between the badass offices and the ever-changing industry, it’s hard not to want to get into the tech field.  But what if you suck at it? How can you get involved in a tech community when you’re not a techie? It’d be […]

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Matt Eggleston

How to Start with a Pricing Model: A DeveloperTown Case Study

Since the tech bubble burst, just after the turn of the millenium, the practicality of website’s reaching their hypothesized valuations has been a matter of intense debate in the business press. These debates have once again been renewed recently with markets at all time highs and a recent string of tech IPO’s. Now more than […]

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Megha Patel

A 5 Step Process to Effectively Engage Your Customers Online

Last week, we discussed how incorporating a great customer engagement strategy into your startup could help you scale more effectively and efficiently. Today, as promised, we want to provide a 5-step process that you can implement today to improve customer engagement with your digital customers. Let’s see how we can help you tame that CE chaos […]

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Tim Hickle

Bloomington Funny Man Makes an Offer No Tech Geek Can Refuse

We’ve already talked at length about how excited we are for this year’s Combine in Bloomington. It’s going to be a great event filled with great people, but I must admit… As is wont to happen with me, I was a little over eager. I was so excited for this year’s Combine that I went down […]

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