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Dean Towe

6 Tips for Fine Tuning Your Startup Pitch

Launching a small business isn’t easy. Whether you dream of one local shop or a global corporate empire, you’re going to need help financing your business efforts. Now, this could mean friends and family, and it could mean venture capitalists and angel investors. Regardless, the only way to seal the deal is with a great pitch. […]

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when-to-raise-seed-capitalMatt Hunckler

When to Raise Seed Capital (and how to spend it)

Angel has been a member of the Verge community since I can remember. When he first pitched at Verge back in 2010 with his original idea for Smarter Remarketer, he was ready to raise seed capital.  Since then, Angel Morales has grown Smarter Remarketer beyond  his original prototype and grand ambitions. They’ve grown a huge team […]

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Jayson Manship

Product vs Payment: a $200,000 Lesson in Self-Funding

Like most IndyMade startup founders my business partner, Matt Turow, and I are focused on creating a product and scaling it. Our problem is that we keep getting in our own way. And we have the scars to prove it.

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Investor Insights Ting Gootee Elevate VenturesAlec Synnestvedt

Startup Investor Insights: Elevate Ventures’ Ting Gootee

When you score as much as the Seahawks did in the Super Bowl, the way people refer to you starts to change. They call you things like “dominant,” “effective,” and “the best.”  Elevate Ventures has been called many of those things. That’s why I was so excited to hear what Elevate Ventures’ Vice President of […]

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small business expenses memeTim Hickle

Reducing Small Business Expenses: 3 Startup Expenses That Pay For Themselves

Startup founders are always looking for a creative way to reduce small business expenses. And to some, it may even seem almost pathological.  “You ride your bike 10 miles to the office every day, Tim! Are you training for a triathlon or something?” …nope. Just reducing small business expenses.  “Why is this proposal printed on […]

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Alec Synnestvedt

The Art of the Ask

            Everyone knows that one person that has the “it” factor. They hustle, they convince, and they close. And whether they’re raising a round for their startup or making a sale, perfecting the art of the ask is the closer’s surest path to success. So, what do we know about the […]

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Alec Synnestvedt

7 Startup Community Takeaways and Photos from The Innovation Showcase

The Innovation Showcase is one of the rare opportunities we have as entrepreneurs to lift our focus from the everyday, take pause, and remind ourselves why we love what we do. On July 11th, over 600 entrepreneurs, investors, and professional service providers came together to celebrate problem solvers, connect with inspiration, and (hopefully) find the […]

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Alec Synnestvedt

Announcing more Companies to Pitch and Exhibit at Innovation Showcase

The Innovation Showcase is shaping up to be a fantastic event! On July 11th, 60+ fundable companies of varying stages will share their story in the Dallara Indycar Factory exhibit hall and give their 60-second pitch for a chance to win $60K in cash and services. Attendees get a chance to see the pitches, tour […]

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Oren Shatken

Designing Your First Startup Office

My mother, whom I love dearly, has always held slightly alternative worldly perspectives. Back in college, when she found out I had cold, she would call me to suggest that, in addition to taking the latest herbal remedy, I make sure I clean the dirty laundry off my floor that was, in her opinion, creating […]

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Facebook IPOMatt Hunckler

Facebook IPO: Will You Buy?

“Highly anticipated” is an understatement. It feels like people we’ve been waiting for real news about a Facebook IPO forever. I’m ready to get it over with, but there are a few questions left to be answered. Facebook IPO valuation: $75 billion to $100 billion!? Love ‘em or hate ‘em, Facebook is an extremely valuable […]

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