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Software is CakeMiles Sterrett

Looking to Learn How To Build Software? It’s Cake

Building Software is Like Baking a Cake Building software is a bit like baking a fancy cake from scratch, for the first time, without a recipe. Unless you’re an experienced baker, you will not feel confident that you can bake and decorate a multi-tiered cake for an expensive wedding between a couple of impeccable taste. […]

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Angie’s List SnapFixAlec Synnestvedt

Intrapreneurship Case Study: Angie’s List and SnapFix

Get your company acquired and have yourself a nice little exit. That’s the dream of many startup founders, and it’s a fine goal.  But that’s the problem with goals. There’s no clear next step. So if you get acquired, the real question is this: what comes next? I got a chance to chat with Oren […]

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efamily logoAlec Synnestvedt

Founder Story: eFamily’s David Hosei on Acquiring Private Social Network Origami

When a new Y Combinator-backed private social network is interested acquiring the startup you’ve been bootstrapping for years, your ears tend to perk up. But what happens when you flip the script and end up buying that company instead? You have a very good day. One family-focused startup,, is looking to break the social […]

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David Dubree

BOOM. The Terre Haute Startup Scene Explodes!

There’s momentum in Indy. All the great startup things happening in Indianapolis like Verge Indy, DeveloperTown and The Speak Easy, plus all of the Startup Weekends and monthly startup meetups, are motivating. But, how is this affecting Indiana as a whole? Well, I can start by speaking to the budding startup scene around Terre Haute […]

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StartupWeekend_IdeasMatt Hunckler

The Five Steps to Launching a Product In Less Than 3 Days

I don’t have enough capital. I don’t have that perfect idea yet. I don’t know enough about the market. We’ve all heard excuses like these. But there’s one thing that truly holds us all back from launching our next big thing. It holds us back because it’s the only resource we have that is not […]

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Factory Week New Product DevelopmentMatt Hunckler

How Factory Week Taps Into Intrapreneurship for Product Innovation [Video]

Intrapreneurship vs. Entrepreneurship If you look hard enough, you’ll find intrapreneurship right where the comfort and resources of a corporation meet the innovation and empowerment of entrepreneurship. Intrapreneurship is essentially corporate innovation that results in a profitable final product. In companies that practice intrepreneurship, ambitious and assertive team members can work on their own projects […]

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