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badaboom verge pitchTim Hickle

DreamShare takes on Video with BadaBoom

Video’s hot right now and everyone knows it. Trying to cash in on the gold rush is web app developer, DreamShare. Their new web app, BadaBoom, aims to act as a sort of Pinterest for video. Make it easy to make lists and share those list among your social networks. John, Josh, and Squid walked […]

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Santiago JaramilloAlec Synnestvedt

Winning Startup Trade Show Ideas from The Innovation Showcase

It’s been a big year for Santiago Jaramillo and the BlueBridge Digital team. The kind of year that landed him on the Inc. 30 under 30 list. A year ago, BlueBridge had fifteen clients and three employees. They now have over 110 clients and more than fifteen employees, but that’s only the beginning–with plans to add […]

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alexis ohanian haters gonna hateMatt Hunckler

Haters Gonna Hate: How Reddit Co-Founder Alexis Ohanian Deals with Critics (from UberFacts)

Three months into the launch of Reddit, co-founders Alexis Ohanian and Steve Huffman were invited out to Silicon Valley by an executive at Yahoo. What happened next, is now legend among many tech entrepreneurs. That’s why UberFacts—one of the most awesome brands on the internet— teamed up with us to capture this story first hand […]

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Tim Hickle

Verge Startups Pitch Review: Earbits

Every Monday we feature a pitch from a recent Verge meeting at one of our hubs. Today’s post comes from Joey Flores from Bloomington pitching his company, Earbits. Company: Earbits Business: Music Advertising Key Value Prop: Allow bands to play their songs for users who are interested in their style of music. Pitch Successes We […]

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EvacuaTim Hickle

Verge Startups Pitch Review: Evacua

Every Monday we highlight a pitch from a recent Verge Pitch Night at one of our hubs. Today’s post comes from Mike Beckwith from Bloomington pitching his company, Evacua. Company: Evacua Business: Evacuation and Safety Program for Travelers Key Value Prop: Access to private transport for travelers, even when commercial and government transport is unavailable. […]

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Alec Synnestvedt

One Startup’s Journey to Revolutionize Professional Development & Recruitment

It’s no secret that the video game industry is now twice as large as Hollywood, thanks largely to the Millennial Generation. It’s also no secret that the rising Millennial generation in the United States is facing employment challenges that few have faced before. And the problem isn’t because they’re playing too many video games. As […]

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Alec Synnestvedt

The Art of the Ask

            Everyone knows that one person that has the “it” factor. They hustle, they convince, and they close. And whether they’re raising a round for their startup or making a sale, perfecting the art of the ask is the closer’s surest path to success. So, what do we know about the […]

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LuckyOrangeAlec Synnestvedt

Lucky Orange Hopes to Get Lucky at Tech Cocktail Celebrate

How One Tech Startup Prepares for Vegas Conference For the past year, Tech Cocktail has been scouring the nation for America’s best startups, and over 40 of their favorites will vie for the Tech Cocktail Chalice at Celebrate. Celebrate is expecting over 500 attendees and will feature pitches, a hackathon, and some great keynotes, and one of the […]

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Alec Synnestvedt

[Startup Pitch] In a Google-Dominated Market, Can Adproval Shake Things Up?

Online advertising is a vast and growing market, with +23% growth last year to over $37 billion spent on digital advertising in the US alone. In one of the world’s largest marketplaces, you can imagine how hard it is for online advertisers and publishers to make the kind of meaningful connections that can take them […]

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Alec Synnestvedt

7 Startup Community Takeaways and Photos from The Innovation Showcase

The Innovation Showcase is one of the rare opportunities we have as entrepreneurs to lift our focus from the everyday, take pause, and remind ourselves why we love what we do. On July 11th, over 600 entrepreneurs, investors, and professional service providers came together to celebrate problem solvers, connect with inspiration, and (hopefully) find the […]

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