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Alec Synnestvedt

Step Back to Move Forward

It’s a difficult notion to comprehend, and an even harder realization to experience at a personal level: sometimes, the path to progress requires us to pause, assess the path we’re on, and decide that the best move forward might be an entirely new one.  And when we’re pushing in multiple directions at once, the knowledge […]

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Alec Synnestvedt

Two Companies to Watch: DCODIA and Social Sweepster

Camera and image-based technologies are at the core of two Verge startup companies. And, while their businesses couldn’t be more different, both founders draw from close personal experiences to focus on a problem they know well. Both are pitching at Verge on April 24th. These startups approach interesting problems with novel solutions that are well […]

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Kasie Sturm

The Music Marketing and Technology Festival that isn’t for Jerks

If you’re familiar with the Indiana technology and marketing crowd,  you may already know Douglas Karr. He’s worked for over a decade in  Indianapolis to drive innovation and growth through the doors of some of Indy’s most exciting startups. For those who haven’t met Doug, well, he’s outspoken. And his voice carries. He’s been called […]

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12 of the Most Powerful Questions You Can Ask a Mentor

We all need mentors in order to be successful, but how can you make the most of that relationship and make sure the setup is fulfilling for your mentor as well? Today, we invited in our friends from the Young Entrepreneur Council to answer one question: What’s the most valuable question you could ask a […]

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Digital Relevance CofoundersAlec Synnestvedt

Case Study: Digital Relevance on Navigating Startup Acquisitions

When an entrepreneur takes to the stage or the web to tell their story, it’s often because they have  achieved a major milestone or recently had a big win. This is, of course, fitting–we can learn a lot about what it takes to succeed by studying each other’s successes. By sharing what works at conferences, […]

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Tim Hickle

Why Launch a Tech Company in Indianapolis? Verge Does it #WithGusto

“We chose to launch at verge in indy versus SXSW because Indy has come of age.” – — Verge ® (@VergeIndy) February 28, 2014 The question has been asked of Shawn Schwegman too many times. The founder of Gusto, an email app about to launch, had entertained the idea of launching at South by Southwest […]

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purdue mini acceleratorTim Hickle

Purdue Startup Competition Offers Funding for Student Ventures

This Spring, Purdue student entrepreneurs will do startup battle for their share of $15,000 in funding. The Anvil and The Foundry  have partnered up and are holding an 8 week startup competition called The Boiler that will pit Purdue’s best entrepreneurial engineers and business students against one another for their chance at thousands of dollars in […]

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Jayson Manship

Product vs Payment: a $200,000 Lesson in Self-Funding

Like most IndyMade startup founders my business partner, Matt Turow, and I are focused on creating a product and scaling it. Our problem is that we keep getting in our own way. And we have the scars to prove it.

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Jason Williams

Indianapolis is a Top City for Tech Jobs and Innovation… Now Let’s Act Like One.

Collidea and Centric founder, Jerry McColgin tells the story of a discussion he had with a cab driver in Boston. Driver: So buddy, where are you from? Jerry: Indianapolis. Without hesitation the cab driver replied “Ahhh…the desert.” “Why the desert?” Jerry asked him. The driver’s reply: “If it ain’t the East Coast or the West Coast…it’s the desert!” Don’t […]

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Angie’s List SnapFixAlec Synnestvedt

Intrapreneurship Case Study: Angie’s List and SnapFix

Get your company acquired and have yourself a nice little exit. That’s the dream of many startup founders, and it’s a fine goal.  But that’s the problem with goals. There’s no clear next step. So if you get acquired, the real question is this: what comes next? I got a chance to chat with Oren […]

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