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Matt Hunckler

Entrepreneurs Answer: What’s the Best Startup Lesson You Learned?

What did I learn from that? This question is a powerful follow-up to every major action you take building a new product or business. But it’s not often that we slow down enough to ask this of ourselves. We recently asked a handful of entrepreneurs in the Verge community what was the most important lesson […]

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Tim Hickle

3 Things Your Startup Should Do ASAP For Success

This month, we’re extremely excited to have the One Click Ventures team launch their newest E-Commerce brand from the Verge stage. This is the third brand launch we’ve done in the past year and we love seeing the incredible entrepreneurs in the Verge community reach a point where they can do a large brand launch, […]

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Matt Hunckler

Before You Start, Ask Yourself….

How bad do you want it? Whether you’re building a business, writing software, or writing a book—you have no idea what your limits are until you push them. You only know how badly you want it until you look back and see. You’re consistent. You keep building the thing that only you can see on […]

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Verge at DeveloperTownMatt Hunckler

Learn this Sales Secret from the Philippines to Earn More (and be happier!)

“Salamat, po!” That’s what the street vendors say here in the Philippines after they close a sale. I’m in heaven over here in Manila, where I get to practice my negotiating skills. Something fresh stimulates my brain each time I buy something in this haggling environment. Whether you sell services, software or other products in […]

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relationship-3Matt Hunckler

How to Get Seed Funding: Do This First

Want to get seed funding for your startup? You won’t get very far if you spend all of your time developing your pitch. “Too many founders put all of the focus on pitching their project and not on building a relationship,” says Gerry Hays, co-founder and managing partner of Slane Capital. And I hate to […]

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verge-dinnerMatt Hunckler

Why Your Business will Insanely Benefit from Entrepreneurial Travel

I hit publish on this post from Terminal A in the Indianapolis International Airport. My sleepless night filled my suitcase and prepped my place for sublet (thanks, Airbnb). Now that the journey has officially begun, let me tell you how I came to be venturing off to the tropics for two months. “I’m thinking about […]

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high-school-bballMatt Hunckler

When to Quit: Why It’s Good to Live Life Like a Lean Startup

Six months ago, I quietly left my role leading product and marketing at a startup. Social Reactor received most of my energy, focus, and time in 2013. And it’s taken the past half of a year to find the perspective on what made it an exceptional learning experience and why parting ways was the right […]

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Entrepreneurial EnergyMatt Hunckler

How Do You Balance the “Infinite Task” of Entrepreneurship?

“It’s an infinite task,” Miles said. I reflected on my own work experience as I sat across from Mark Miles, CEO of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and IndyCar. And I could relate. There’s no “going home at the end of the day,” for most entrepreneurs. Our brain never fully shuts off and lets us rest. […]

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breaking out of your comfort zoneTim Hickle

Breaking Out of Your Comfort Zone For Completely Comfortable Idiots

It was a cold mid-January night my Junior year at Indiana. I was sitting on my back porch with my best friend and roommate, Hank. I had spent the past year of my life trying to get one of the governing student bodies at IU to sponsor my passion project, the IU Campus Comedy Festival, to […]

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up-summit-closingMatt Hunckler

What Can We Learn from 500 Leaders and Their Four Days in Downtown Las Vegas?

Last week I let all of my calls go to voicemail and checked my inbox at a record-low once per day. That’s how I got myself free to have a series of freak experiences at the largest gathering of startup community leaders on the planet—the UP Summit, presented by UP Global. With more than 500 […]

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