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Matt Hunckler

The Most Important Skill in Sales and Marketing (and Business, for that Matter)

“I’ll have the proposal to you by end of the day next Friday,” I said as I left my first business-to-business sales meeting. I was 19 years old and about to learn a lesson that would be the key to my new web agency’s growth. “OK, perfect. Our other bids will be in by Friday, […]

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Justin Taylor

Lessons From Out West: How To Make Waves in the Tech Space

As I stared out at the ocean, from the little mountain overlooking our hotel, I reflected. The moon was setting on the Pacific Ocean and the Sun was rising over the mountains. There I was standing between these four great natural powers. And I felt powerful. Not just because of the physical environment, but because […]

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Santiago JaramilloAlec Synnestvedt

Winning Startup Trade Show Ideas from The Innovation Showcase

It’s been a big year for Santiago Jaramillo and the BlueBridge Digital team. The kind of year that landed him on the Inc. 30 under 30 list. A year ago, BlueBridge had fifteen clients and three employees. They now have over 110 clients and more than fifteen employees, but that’s only the beginning–with plans to add […]

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alexis ohanian haters gonna hateMatt Hunckler

Haters Gonna Hate: How Reddit Co-Founder Alexis Ohanian Deals with Critics (from UberFacts)

Three months into the launch of Reddit, co-founders Alexis Ohanian and Steve Huffman were invited out to Silicon Valley by an executive at Yahoo. What happened next, is now legend among many tech entrepreneurs. That’s why UberFacts—one of the most awesome brands on the internet— teamed up with us to capture this story first hand […]

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Tyler Trepton

Lessons from out West: Lessons from Small Places

In today’s society we picture big things coming from big places, but we never realize the impact small companies are making. The small startup field is growing rapidly allowing for more creative ideas to be introduced in the world. This became apparent during our visit to Knack on the Wabash College San Francisco Immersion trip. […]

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brand24Matt Hunckler

How to Take Your Software Business International: Interview with Michal Sadowski [video]

“I wish we had started in the U.S. two years ago,” Mike said. And now is clearly the right time to test his million-dollar software business in the Americas. When Michal (Mike) Sadowski started his social monitoring platform Brand 24, he had every intention to launch simultaneously in the United States. His passion for the product […]

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wabash-shutterflyMichael Haffner

Lessons from out West, Episode II: Precise Marketing in Action

Recently, a group of students from Wabash College went on a trip to Silicon Valley to learn about entrepreneurship from some of the most iconic brands in the tech space. Today, Wabash Sophomore Michael Haffner talks to us about his visit to Shutterfly and what he learned about building a successful email marketing system for a […]

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James Jeffries

Lessons from out West: Building Entrepreneurial Culture

Show it. Don’t say it. That is a tricky bit of advice given to any aspiring writer—tricky, first, because it’s spoken and, second, because you can’t take it literally and still be a writer. It’s a metaphor. And it is a metaphor borne out in the cultures of some of the most entrepreneurial companies in […]

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Tim Hickle

20 Quotes From History’s 20 Top Entrepreneurs

As you may have seen, we have compiled an infographic of the top 20 startups of all time. Revenue numbers are awesome, but what got them there? What sort of ideologies and ideas did it take to escalate these 20 people into this pantheon of awesome entrepreneurial talent? What can we learn from that to […]

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Jayson Manship

Product vs Payment: a $200,000 Lesson in Self-Funding

Like most IndyMade startup founders my business partner, Matt Turow, and I are focused on creating a product and scaling it. Our problem is that we keep getting in our own way. And we have the scars to prove it.

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