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Tim Hickle

A Sit Down With Indy’s Favorite Person: to Pitch at Innovation Showcase

So, immediately upon moving to Indianapolis, I started hearing about Max Yoder. Max is the only person I’ve met in this city that literally everyone loves. I’ve actually spoken to a few Congressmen who are in the process of getting the city’s slogan changed to “Indianapolis: We All Wish We Were Best Friends With Max Yoder.” (Not […]

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CEMegha Patel

Why Worry About Customer Engagement Today? How Delaying CE Could Stunt Your Growth

Customer Engagement. We keep talking about it, but why should startups listen? If I were operating a global brand, it would make sense, but I’m CEO, CTO, CIO, and CFO. I don’t really have time to be Chief Engagement Officer, too. Without effective customer engagement, however, you could be stunting your startup’s growth, and there’s no […]

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Matt Hunckler

The Most Valuable Sales Lesson I Ever Learned, I Learned from Selling Vacuum Cleaners

I piled into the van with 6 middle-aged men. Most of them smoked half a pack of cigarettes by the time we arrived at our first sales call. But these guys were professionals. I mean, they were good at what they did, which was to sell vacuum cleaners door to door. And I was right […]

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CX for StartupsMegha Patel

How to Leverage the ‘New’ Buzzword Customer Experience to Build your Startup’s Customer Base

Got Customers? If you are looking to expand your startup or on your way to your first customer – listen up.  Tony Robbins put it best in his book Awaken the Giant Within – “Why wait to be memorable?” True his book is more about purposeful living, although providing a great customer experience (CX) has […]

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brand24Matt Hunckler

How to Take Your Software Business International: Interview with Michal Sadowski [video]

“I wish we had started in the U.S. two years ago,” Mike said. And now is clearly the right time to test his million-dollar software business in the Americas. When Michal (Mike) Sadowski started his social monitoring platform Brand 24, he had every intention to launch simultaneously in the United States. His passion for the product […]

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NathanBeckordAlec Synnestvedt

Founder Stories: Lessons Learned from a Startup for Startups

He was knee deep in it. And it was from his unique vantage point, squarely in the middle of the action, that Nathan Beckord’s wheels started turning. Beckord was an investment banker during the dot com boom, and through his consulting work with startups, he recognized the passion he had for guiding young companies to […]

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3 Can’t-Miss Ted Talk TakeawaysAlec Synnestvedt

3 Can’t-Miss TED Talk Takeaways You Can Apply Today

As I click my fourth YouTube link in the past hour, I realize I’m here again. With over 2,300 recorded videos of engaging performers, it’s easy to go down the rabbit hole of discovering new TED talk takeaways. And if you haven’t caught the TED bug yet, you soon will. The lessons to be learned […]

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StartupWeekend_IdeasMatt Hunckler

The Five Steps to Launching a Product In Less Than 3 Days

I don’t have enough capital. I don’t have that perfect idea yet. I don’t know enough about the market. We’ve all heard excuses like these. But there’s one thing that truly holds us all back from launching our next big thing. It holds us back because it’s the only resource we have that is not […]

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CustomerFeedbackSystemsMatt Hunckler

5 Must-Have Customer Feedback Systems for Your Startup

Startup Customer Feedback Systems: Mark Cuban says, “Don’t listen to your customers.” I say that’s silly. If you close yourself off from a stream of information, you’re doing yourself and your business a disservice. All people have blind spots, and customers are great at pointing them out. But if you quickly acknowledge and repair your […]

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