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About Matt Hunckler

Matt's a founder and organizer at Verge. He's a connecter, writer, and habitual start-upper.
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About Matt Hunckler

Matt's a founder and organizer at Verge. He's a connecter, writer, and habitual start-upper.

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DeveloperTownMatt Hunckler

Inside this Warehouse: Mini City. Big Impact. [+video]

If you’ve never been, it’s a sight to behold. A mini city of technical and creative talent fills 35,000 square feet of gaping warehouse space. The city’s tight-knit community of software developers, graphic designers, and venture coaches collaborate into the wee hours of the morning to architect and create never-been-built-before technology and products. Just another […]

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Why Start a BusinessMatt Hunckler

Why do you want to start a business? Really.

Is it to build a website, attract a surge of users, and grow a team of dozens (or hundreds!) of employees? Is it to get on the cover of Forbes, Fast Company, and Inc Magazine, shake hands, and kiss babies? Sound sexy? Maybe. But the purpose of life isn’t to start / run a business. […]

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Path Wrangler LaunchMatt Hunckler

Bootstrapping a Startup: It’s Not Only Sunny in Silicon Valley

In the San Francisco Bay area, most startup activity gets sucked out to the hyper-connected sprawl that is Silicon Valley. But, not all Bay Area start-uppers are compelled to immediately comply with this social norm. Doug Heinz has lived in the city of San Francisco for nearly a decade and for the last two years, […]

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Matt Hunckler

News from the Road: Update On the uFlavor Startup Tour [VIDEO]

Things can get a little loopy when you spend multiple days out on the open road. Nine founders set out  last week on a nation-wide road trip after local startup uFlavor was launched to the world. The last couple of day are ones we won’t soon forget. I wish all of you could be out […]

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Verge CrowdMatt Hunckler

How the Hottest Tech Startups Close Out 2011

You’d think they had downed 10 cups of coffee before they arrived. The energy that oozed from these three startup founders fueled a flurry of startup pitches that hit a 500-person audience like a lighting bolt. After a big 24-hour push from the Verge organizers, the stage was set. Minutes before taking the stage, Quipol […]

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Matt Hunckler

Sneek Peek Inside the uFlavor Startup Tour Bus

Tonight, eight entrepreneurs are launching off on a road trip across America as they launch a new Indianapolis-based startup—uFlavor. Check out this behind-the-scenes look at the startup tour bus in this short video.   Come to send off the uFlavor tour tonight at Verge’s Winter Celebration!

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Matt Hunckler

The Techstars Network—a Good Addition to the City?

A group of scrappy bootstrappers and investors started a movement in Boulder, CO that has spread across the world like a virus. Techstars, an accelerator program for tech startups, hopes to connect 5,000 successful and experienced entrepreneurs and investors to support over 6,000 promising young entrepreneurs over the next 3 years. According to their website, […]

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MikeMitchellMatt Hunckler

Why uFlavor is Taking a Dozen Tech Geeks on a Startup Shuttle Across America

Launching a new business is a nerve racking experience. And Verge has been a platform to dozens of entrepreneurs as they’ve pitched their startups and pulled back the curtain on their technology. But it’s still difficult to anticipate what a startup will do after they’ve walked off that stage. One startup that will be pitching […]

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MaxYoderMatt Hunckler

How Max Yoder Launched His First Startup, Quipol (Startup Stories)

After seven months of preparation, 23-year-old Max Yoder pulled the trigger on his social polling platform, Quipol. But it might not have happened if he hadn’t taken some calculated steps toward launching his first startup. Max joined the Orr Fellowship after graduating from Indiana University. He bootstrapped his startup by saving $0.61 of every dollar he […]

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uflavor logoMatt Hunckler

Announcing: The 2011 Winter Verge Event

Verge is back with another big event for all you chronic start-uppers. It’s going to be huge! We’re bringing it back to DeveloperTown for an epic event that’s all about three hot startups: Quipol, a cool social polling platform Knomingo, a unique video community uFlavor, a custom beverage startup, which will be officially launching at this […]

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