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About Matt Hunckler

Matt's a founder and organizer at Verge. He's a connecter, writer, and habitual start-upper.
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About Matt Hunckler

Matt's a founder and organizer at Verge. He's a connecter, writer, and habitual start-upper.

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IMG_8601Matt Hunckler

How To Win During the Investment Gold Rush of the Wild Wild Midwest [VIDEO]

Back in the days of cowboys and six shooters, people started using the phrase “chomping at the bit” to describe rampant anticipation.  Sometimes a cowboy’s horse would get so excited about something that it would chew at the metallic bit in its mouth, unable to contain himself as he looked toward his next goal. Now, […]

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Matt Hunckler

6 High-Growth Companies Announced for Innovation Showcase

The Innovation Showcase is heating up, with more than $123,000 we’ll be awarding to this year’s winner. We already announced the first 3 companies accepted to showcase,, DCODIA, and Mimir, who pitched at The Indianapolis Motor Speedway last week. Today, we’re announcing 6 more companies that have been accepted into the 2014 Innovation Showcase on July 10…     […]

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miles-huncklerMatt Hunckler

A Lesson in Politics (and Entrepreneurship) from Mark Miles, CEO of IndyCar

“Campaigns were a little bit addictive,” Miles recalled. I sat across from Mark Miles, one of the most interesting men I had ever met. As the current CEO of Hulman and Company, Miles oversees Indy Car racing and The Indianapolis Motor Speedway. And as we sat in front of the Verge audience in the Speedway […]

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Matt Hunckler

How to Build Confidence and Close More Deals (Like… a rockstar?)

Have you ever met a rock star? And no, I’m not talking about someone who snazzies up their resume and social profiles by self proclaiming their “rock-star” status within their industry. I mean someone really famous. Even if you haven’t met them, I bet you’ve seen them on stage. And I bet you’ve felt that […]

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Matt Hunckler

The Most Important Skill in Sales and Marketing (and Business, for that Matter)

“I’ll have the proposal to you by end of the day next Friday,” I said as I left my first business-to-business sales meeting. I was 19 years old and about to learn a lesson that would be the key to my new web agency’s growth. “OK, perfect. Our other bids will be in by Friday, […]

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jay-baer-bloomington-inMatt Hunckler

Why did Jay Baer move to build his business in Bloomington, Indiana?

I lived there for three years of my life. But I was still surprised when I heard that Jay moved his wife and kids more than 1,600 miles to make their home in Bloomington, Indiana. Don’t get me wrong, I love Bloomington. I mean, I started and sold my first real business in B-town. It’s […]

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Matt Hunckler

The Most Valuable Sales Lesson I Ever Learned, I Learned from Selling Vacuum Cleaners

I piled into the van with 6 middle-aged men. Most of them smoked half a pack of cigarettes by the time we arrived at our first sales call. But these guys were professionals. I mean, they were good at what they did, which was to sell vacuum cleaners door to door. And I was right […]

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alexis ohanian haters gonna hateMatt Hunckler

Haters Gonna Hate: How Reddit Co-Founder Alexis Ohanian Deals with Critics (from UberFacts)

Three months into the launch of Reddit, co-founders Alexis Ohanian and Steve Huffman were invited out to Silicon Valley by an executive at Yahoo. What happened next, is now legend among many tech entrepreneurs. That’s why UberFacts—one of the most awesome brands on the internet— teamed up with us to capture this story first hand […]

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brand24Matt Hunckler

How to Take Your Software Business International: Interview with Michal Sadowski [video]

“I wish we had started in the U.S. two years ago,” Mike said. And now is clearly the right time to test his million-dollar software business in the Americas. When Michal (Mike) Sadowski started his social monitoring platform Brand 24, he had every intention to launch simultaneously in the United States. His passion for the product […]

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top-20-startups-all-timeMatt Hunckler

Top 20 Startups of All Time [INFOGRAPHIC]

What makes a startup truly great? Well, it isn’t how cool their office is or how many twitter followers they have. And it certainly isn’t the number of lines of code written. So how, then, do we measure the success of a startup? Capitalization & growth are two indicators that we like to look at […]

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